Wednesday, May 1, 2019

#63 - Visit a New 826 Location

Eastern Market is now covered in colorful murals that embrace its history.

Such great art around the market
"I want to go to the Robot Factory," said my Dad amidst a lovely Saturday exploring the Eastern Market in Detroit.

I smiled and agreed.

He didn't know that the Detroit Robot Factory was.

I did.

And I can't believe I'd completely forgotten to look up where it was and to suggest a visit.

So, way to go, Dad!

We stopped in the new Detroit Robot Factory, a new location of the Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair Store in Ann Arbor.

A.K.A. 826 Michigan's Detroit location.

Here are some links to other list items that have involved the delightful 826 family: volunteer for a cause, tutor, and visit a new 826 location. If you're looking to volunteer for a fantastic cause that will return the favor in energy and creative inspiration again and again, I highly recommend 826, which has locations all around the United States. I've now volunteered for 826chi and visited 826 Michigan (Ann Arbor and Detroit), 826 Valencia (San Francisco), 826LA (Echo Park), and 826 Boston (not in that order).

Since learning there was an 826 location in Ann Arbor, I've wondered why there wasn't instead one in Detroit since that's a way more logical place for it considering the academic environment and mid- to high-socioeconomic status of Ann Arbor.

Well, now Detroit has its own location with its own spin.
Dad in the Detroit Robot Factory

It's yet another small store front that hides a larger tutoring space. I really enjoyed the industrial yet whimsical style of the space, and I really loved it was on a little side street in the middle of the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit.

If you're ever in the area (which you should be as Eastern Market is such a cool area: a huge farmer's market surrounded by old and new local restaurants, bars, and shops) stop in, buy some goofy robot stuff, support 826 Michigan.

Thanks for the catch, Dad Guy!

Monday, February 4, 2019

#16 - Don't Drink for 29 Days

My word for this year is RELIEF
My secret word for this year is FREEDOM
My non-drinking buddy, JJ
29 days? Why 29 days?

Well, because since I've started this list, in 2011, I have included some length of increasing time to go without drinking. The first year it was 1 week. Then I tried a month. That didn't happen. Then I tried a month again. That didn't happen again. Then I tried 2 weeks. Then 3. Then 4 weeks again. Still couldn't quite make it, but that was also the most intensely stressful year of my life, with finishing and then defending my dissertation, job searching, moving across the country, disliking that decision, interviewing for another job, and moving again. In 2017, I did 4 weeks. In 2018, I tried 5 weeks, but I just couldn't quite get there. So, to increase my time and make my goal achievable, I went with 4 weeks and 1 day: 29 days.

I decided to start with the new year, partly because I didn't have any big drinking events on my calendar in January and because several of my friends practice Dry January. I figured both of those things would set me up for success and make me feel good about moving healthily into the new year.

The first few weeks were really pretty easy. I realized I had a habit of having something comforting to drink in the evening, something with a little sugar. I started with chocolate milk. That worked but it was tough to keep so much milk on hand. I switched to chamomile tea with a little milk and honey. That was a perfect substitute. Comforting and only slightly sweet. Plus, a half liter of milk lasted me a long time and tea and honey were easy to keep stocked.
Look, this town is beautiful and fun, even when sober

About 3 weeks in, one night, I ran out of chamomile and milk, and I struggled. That's when my red wine cravings came back. It didn't help that I'd subscribed to a wine club and a box with 15 BOTTLES of red wine had showed up at my door.

The last 7-9 days were tough. I really wanted wine. I didn't feel like I was craving the buzz, just the flavor. It felt similar to craving chocolate, though that particularly craving is rare for me, so maybe more like pizza or buffalo wings... mmm... buffalo wings... I just wanted it.

But I held strong. I made it 29 days.

One thing I've learned is that in doing this practice, I become pickier and pickier about what I drink. I don't really drink beer anymore. There's great beer sitting in my fridge that I should probably throw out it's been in there so long, untouched. I mostly stick to red wine, bourbon, or scotch. If I want something while out and there's no decent wine around, I'll usually go for a vodka soda. Maybe a margarita if I'm in the right place (like San Diego). But I'd rather not drink than drink something just to drink something. I want to actually enjoy it.

Here we are hiding from
the -30 degree windchill
I've also learned that even if I want a glass of red wine, one with dinner and one shortly before bed is plenty, and I can fill the time in between with tea. I learned I need to keep comforting herbal tea with honey and milk on hand so that becomes my habit when I want something other than water to drink in the evenings. That seems doable.

I'm grateful to myself for taking on this practice regularly so that I can reexamine my drinking habits and become a more mindful drinker. I don't see myself ever giving up drinking entirely, just like I haven't been able to give up pizza, but I can realize that those things in excess are hard on my body, and mind, and I'm able to develop new habits.

Special thanks to Stephanie Souvenir and Laney Cherveney, who had a sober Two Bar Tuesday with me, playing board games, sipping water, and eating snacks. It was a pleasant evening :)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

#23 - See One of My Favorite Comedians

I remember when I first saw commercials for the television show Community. It must have been way back because it was not only a time that I had regular TV, but I had the kind of TV where I would have noticed commercials for a new show. I was geeking out because Parks & Rec started around the same time, and those two shows combined finally kind of explained what I did for a living: collegiate recreation. It was kind of like working in a Parks & Rec office but serving the population of Community.

Don't get me wrong, both shows are full of weirdos, but the Community weirdos were college-age. Or, at least, the kind of college age as the students I worked with at the time, which meant, mostly in their 20's but also older and younger and from an incredible range of backgrounds (except geographical as most were from Chicago).

I should also say that I mean weirdos as one of the highest compliments I have to give. It's very likely that these students, together, weren't weirdos, much as the citizens of Pawnee were obviously connected when you'd see the town hall scenes. But, all mixed together, they were so very much individuals that fitting in, like in Community, became more about who you would hang with, rather than what you looked like. Your past experiences only mattered if they mattered to you... or if you just couldn't help bringing them with you because they were part of you.

But also, they were weird. Weird in a wonderful way as in I loved that despite the routine of my work-related tasks, I never knew what each day would break. From high jump competitions to e-mails about the importance of shoe-lace tying instruction (an e-mail I actually received) to music videos to shit talking to individualized high five routines (one of which may have mimicked Troy and Abed). We even had our own Star Burns. My own community taught me so much and made me want to be better for them. I loved it there. I watch reruns of Community to remind myself of the person and professional my community made me want to be: smart, driven, and service-oriented without ever taking myself, or others, too seriously.

All of that is why I was SO stoked to see that Danny Pudi (who played Abed in Community) would be coming to Chicago's Sketchfest with Parvesh Cheena in a show called Parv and Pudi.

Unlike the other shows I'd been to at Sketchfest, Parv & Danny did more storytelling. The stories were hilarious and heartfelt. They seemed truly filled with joy in performing and engaging with the audience that was equally filled with joy in their sharing. I'm so thankful that I was able to be a witness to their on-stage play, and I won't say more than that about the show because, as someone once described to me, sometimes, when we spread our stories all around, they become less ours, less special. I want to hold this one special to me and to encourage you to take the opportunity to see Parv, Danny, or any of your favorites. I know there's also the old line to never meet your heroes, and while I wouldn't call Pudi one of my heroes, I have been a fan of his work, I'm so glad I took the chance to see him off screen, along with his friend, of whom I am also a fan now. Sometimes it's nice to know that the people you cheer on in life might just be some of the good ones.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

#26 - Visit 52 New Buildings in Chicago (Fail)

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#26 - Visit 52 New Buildings in Chicago (Fail)

I'm sure those of you who are taking the time to read this think this is a strange item to add. However, every time I enter a cool space in Chicago, I think, "Wow. This city has limitless amazing spaces." So I made it a list item to see them. Not all of the following are amazing. But some really are.

Outside of The Pink Squirrel & Deadbolt
However, this was a really tough list item to track. I remembered at the start of the year but slowly forgot this was one of my list items. So it's possible I hit it and just don't remember other buildings I visited! And part of the point was to take pictures to show the range, and I definitely didn't do that. Oh well!

1 - 2412 N. Milwaukee
1/9/18, with Stephanie Souvenir and Denisse Ocasio
This building spans a few addresses and houses several businesses. I walk by it weekly on my way to host trivia. It's not what I had in mind when I wrote this item, but I'm counting all of the buildings. This building houses both The Pink Squirrel and Deadbolt, which I wrote about in my post about going to 12 new bars. It's a pretty basic one-story business, but the spaces within it are really different and well designed.

2 - 5625 N. Broadway
Again, not the space I was imagining when I went to Northside Toyota to get my oil changed. Their garage is a huge indoor space. It was a frigid day, and even though the two garage doors were constantly opening, heaters were coordinated to blast just the right amount of heat to keep it comfortable. I couldn't believe how many cars they fit in such a tight space. There was constant movement. And so much light from above. Really quite a lovely space that I wouldn't have otherwise noticed.
n I came up with this list item, but the first where I was aware of being in a new space. It was actually quite fascinating once I took notice.

3 - 1100 W. Bryn Mawr
While waiting for my oil to get changed, I ran down the street to get some food. Nookies Edgewater was right there, so I gave it a try. This space is way different than Nookies Too. It has a more modern, upscale vibe, though the service felt more like a slow-paced diner. Lots cooler spaces out there, but big enough that it didn't feel overwhelmingly busy and rushed.

4 - 5050 N. Sheridan
I tried out Crossfit at Primary Crossfit. A big, open, Crossfitty-type space.

5 - 2524 N. Orchard St.
I was assigned to observe my class at St. Clement's School in Lincoln Park. It was exactly what you'd think: an old, urban, Catholic school. But with a gym with a TON of sweet equipment.

6 - 2607 W. 17th St
I went to a fundraiser at Lagunitas Chicago for 826 Chicago. What a really cool space. I've been to a lot of breweries, but this. was. huge. It's playfully painted all the way through. When you walk in, you're greeted by a host and a loooonnnggg underwatery hallway with the chimes from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song. There are a few event spaces. We were in the bar area, on the third floor, but the third floor hallway windows overlook another space, a huge, purple game room where another event was taking place. The bar looked like a cozy bar, except the windows overlook the warehouse floor and all the brewing space. It's like being in a bar in a treehouse above a sea of beer. Then, there are catwalks all the way through the warehouse space where you can wander and watch people checking the giant casks, packing things, fixing things... Really a brewery wonderland. This is the kind of new space I had in mind when I made this list item. So glad I now know of yet another amazing place to visit and take visitors here in Chicago.

7 - 1102 W. Webster
1/25/18 with Nicole Garton and John Washo
We deviated from our usual happy hour spots this week, including a stop at Local Option with Nicole & John. It's definitely a bit craft beer, dark references (lots of 666s around the bar) pretentious but also great beer options. The server asked me what kind of beer I like, and I said whiskey, and he said they only had Maker's Mark and Jameson. So apparently they're not whiskey snobby. Or they're so whiskey snobby that that's what the owner likes so that's all there is. Either way, I made do.

8 - 2728 W. Armitage
1/30/18 with Drea Stoit
Chicago Restaurant Week at Table, Donkey, Stick with Drea Stoit! Detailed here.

9 - 1800 N. Lincoln
2/13/18 with Nicole Garton and Stephanie Souvenir
Another 2 Bar Tuesday in the books! Laura Masters made the suggestions but couldn't make it to join us. The happy hour drink specials here are decent $5 bubbles and drafts. The food looked interesting but was a little more than I was looking to spend. The space was very modern and clean. Lots of lines and low, almost 70's style decor. I really liked one wall that had keys hung on it like an old timey hotel. I would definitely go back for the ambiance.

10 - 1612 N. Sedgewick
2/13/18 with Nicole Garton
Second stop for 2 Bar Tuesday with just Nicole. The bar itself was my kind of bar. A little divey but still interesting. I think it's a rugby bar, which could be good or bad. Not an impressive space but a bar I'd like to return to.

11 - 2357 N. Milwaukee
2/15/18 with Laura Masters and Beth Jager
Always gotta grab one more week when out with Laura Masters!

12 - 401 N. Morgan
2/23/18 with Laura Masters, Megan Morrison, Missy Liebs, and others
Tickled Pink Gala!

13 - 4229 N. Lincoln
3/13/18 with Leanne Surmin and Drea Stoit
Oops. Misplanned 2 Bar Tuesday but wound up in a new place!

14 - 737 W. Wrightwood
4/23/18 with Norris Narsa, Angela Howard, Edric Cruz, Jessica Ornelas, and Ahmed Atia
What a cool little event space for such a bittersweet event: Wishing Norris and Angela best wishes on their journey to life on the west coast. I miss them dearly!

15 - 108 N. Green
4/2/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Theresa Chen, and others
A night out watching the NCAA Men's Basketball final.

16 - 113-125 N. Green
4/2/18 with Laura Masters and Alan Lee
A pop over to Fox Bar after a tough Michigan loss. What a cool space. Really beautiful and pockets that vary in look, from bright and spacious to small and cozy.

17 - 1851 W. Addison
4/10/18 with Missy Liebs and Holly Zann
I love this bar.

18 - 1055 W. Argyle
Pho. Yum.

19 - 1604 W. Chicago
4/22/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Missy Liebs, Megan Voss, Megan Daly, Stephanie Loring, Brandon Loring, Scott Jensen
Brunchin' at Beatnik with some of my favs!

20 - 724 W. Wrightwood
4/27/18 with Nicole Garton
We stopped at Burwood Tap on a walk further north just to see what it was like. It was a bigger space than I thought. It had a combo cabin-dive bar vibe, which I dug.

21 - 2728 N. Milwaukee
4/27/18 with Nicole Garton and Stephanie Punda
When transitioning from happy hour into a night out, it's always best to stop for dinner! We stopped at Renaldi's After Dark this week. It was fine. Actually I really liked the space. We went to the bar side, which is dark and small but has a large bar in the middle with stools circling. Then, upstairs, there's a little lounge that they've decorated interestingly with space for live music. I dug the space. Not the pizza.

22 - 1901 N. Clybourn
5/16/18 on recommendation from Leanne Surmin
My first trip to the chiropractor. I love this space. If I had an office not on a campus, I'd love to be a redesigned, old Chicago building with old hardwood floors and bare, brick walls. Such a pretty space.

23 - 150 N. Dearborn
Petterino's for a DePaul School for New Learning alumni night

24 - 3166 N. Clark
5/26/18 with Nicole Garton, Stephanie Punda, Leanne Surmin, Stephanie Souvenir, and John Washo
Wing Woman Night lunch at Ceaser's Killer Margaritas

25 - 815 W. Van Buren
6/7/18 with Matt Specht, Dave Merrill, Christian Kopp, Stephanie Souvenir, Nicole Garton, Stephanie Punda, Maureen McGonagle, Gale Stewart, Scott Vandermoon

Loved the Google Chicago spaces
25 - 320 N. Morgan
6/19/18 with Justin Phillips, John Washo, Leanne Surmin, Maureen McGonagle, Gale Stewart, Sarah Hardin, Scott Vandermoon, Rees Grant, Stephanie Souvenir, Stephanie Punda, Courtney Griffin, Nicole Garton
Such a cool trip to the Chicago Google Headquarters. I LOVED the local graffiti-type art. Gorgeous. Just a really cool space.

26 - 1200 W. Randolph
6/19/18 with Robin Heggum
We saw Roxane Gay!

27 - Unsure
6/19/18 with all the folks listed above at Google.
We had part of our summer retreat the Brailsford and Dunlavey offices in Chicago. The conference room was small, but the views were incredible.

28 - 1307 S. Wabash
6/24/18 with Laura Masters, Nicole Garton, and Jerry Munk
We had dinner at Lobo Rey.

29 - 1454 S. Michigan
6/23/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Eileen, Nicole Garton, and Jerry Munk
After dinner, we had a stop at Vice District Taproom in the South Loop. We played Taboo. I enjoyed the space in that it was a comfortable place to hang out and there were chalkboards everywhere. I wish they had fresh pieces of chalk for easier writing, but I enjoy a place that lets its guests leave their mark.

30 - 5358 N. Clark
7/8/18 with Ryan Groth
So happy to have a little Sunday Funday with my SD buddy Ryan. We hit up a few spots I knew but then also stopped in Replay in Andersonville to take advantage of the open windows on a gorgeous day. We did not take advantage of the free game play but maybe next time!

31 - 12  S. Michigan
7/15/18 with Grace Bagunu
We popped up to Cindy's in the Chicago Athletic Club. The inside was cool but I was expecting a bit more from the "rooftop" everyone raves about. It's just a balcony, though granted, a balcony with a beautiful view.

32 - 212 N. Green
8/3/18 with Nicole Green
A stop at the new Ballast Point location that I had no idea existed until Nicole came to town with some beer-knowledgeable friends. I don't really drink beer anymore but I had a taster or two in honor of my former San Diego life where I did drink beer.

33 - Unsure
8/22/18 with Rebeca Matus and friends
I was in a church somewhere on Ashland(?) for Rebeca's wedding. I can't seem to find the exact location. It was the only church I was in all year, and it was incredibly beautiful.

34 - 820 W. Lake St
9/1/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Megan Daly, Beth Jager, Missy Liebs, and Scott Jensen
I hit up Momotaro for Masters' birthday with some delightful company. What a gorgeous space. We were seated upstairs where we could look through the glass wall to the staircase and down at the bar. I didn't take any photos but I should have! The dinner details are here.

35 - 3123 N. Clybourn
sometime in September with JJ
A trip to the emergency vet with JJ: she's fine.

36 - 1136 W. Lawrence
A fun night out with Souvenir!

37 - 1550 N. Fremont
I got to meet Stephanie Izard in a Williams Sonoma that looks way bigger on the inside than the outside!

38 - 2936 N. Southport
I went to a show with Michael Bigelow at The Athenaem. The space itself was not as nice and as I thought. I wish it had the old theater specialness, but it just seems like a run-down theater.

39 - 108 N. State St.
12/6/18 with Laura Masters, Missy Liebs, Megan Morrison, and Carrie Kalita

#24 - Try 12 New Restaurants in Chicago (2)

Just to keep count!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

#24 - Try 12 New Restaurants in Chicago (Fail)

1 - Nookies Edgewater
I rarely go out for breakfast, but I like that I started this item in January with a start-of-the-day meal. I was at Northside Toyota getting my oil change, and it was going to be a bit, so I went down the street to grab some food. I've been to the one of the other locations, Nookies Too, mostly after many drinks in my 20's. This Nookies location is a bit more like a restaurant than the others. I had the corned beef hash and some ice tea. Both were enjoyable but nothing to go back for. I did like the option of tomatoes as a side. Still, a nice treat to have a meal out!

2 - Table, Donkey, Stick
1/30/18 with Drea Stoit
One of the best events in Chicago is Restaurant Week. People who have never lived here often do not know how flipping phenomenal the food is in this city. I mean, it's consistently rated as one of the very best foodie cities in the world. We even have Alinea, which I will never be able to afford to go to. Hell, I can't afford many of the top-notch restaurants in Chicago... except during Restaurant Week. I've had some very memorable meals. This year, Drea and I went to Table, Donkey, Stick. I liked it fine. But I also did a bad job making choices.

For my first course, I had the duck liver mousse. That was fantastic. Really smooth and flavorful.

For my second course, I had some kind of chic pea salad kind of thing. I didn't really get it, but it was fresh and filling.

For my third course, I ordered the pork shoulder. That was my mistake and completely my fault. When Drea was deciding what to order, she asked the server about the pork shoulder. The server said it was really good and described it as tasting more hammy than you might think. Well, I hate ham. Always have. So I asked her to clarify. Because I like prosciutto and many things ham-adjacent, but I do not like ham. She said she thought I'd probably still like it then. I didn't. It was so hammy. Like, not so hammy that I didn't eat it. I did. But the whole time I was thinking, yeah, this tastes a lot like ham. And I don't like ham. So that's my bad.

Their wine list was short but the server was super knowledgeable, so I was very happy with my wine. And when I'm happy with the wine and 2 of the 3 courses, hey, that's a good meal.

Plus, it was nice to catch up with Drea as we've only seen each other in busy groups since I've been back. It was a lovely choice for Restaurant Week!

I took no pictures of my food.

3 - Maggiano's
1/23/18 with Maureen McGonagle, Gale Stewart, John Washo, Scott Vandermoon, Nicole Garton, Leanne Surmin, Stephanie Punda, Sabrina Wilson, Shaun Cooley

I've been hearing about Maggiano's for over a year now. Apparently it's Moe's favorite restaurant and we lunch there regularly during work retreats. But I'd never been.

It was definitely much fancier than I was expecting. I had the chicken piccate. Um... yum. I probably could have done the lower-cal version of something as it was quite buttery, but for the bites where I could forget about the guilt.... delicious.

Plus, we spent the whole meal talking about cats and I didn't have to drop a dime. Delightful.

4 - Hei Yen

Thanks to a promotion with Heartful Editor, I was able to quit my regular gig hosting trivia with Whaddayaknow. Honestly, I flippin love hosting trivia and working for Whaddayaknow, and the only reason I stepped down was because the hours are just too rough on me. Since gigs don't start until 7/7:30pm and I finish my full-time job around 5:00pm, I just always felt like I was wasting those in-between hours and those extra 2 hours felt more like 4-5 hours, which makes for a very, very long day. However, if I can ever swap my schedule around, I will totally pick back up with trivia again (if Dan will have me).

Because I finally had my Thursday evenings free, I was able to check out Third Thursdays on Argyle. I'm not really sure if this is an ongoing thing or was just a trial run. It's supposed to be several businesses that have deals on the 3rd Thursday of every month. I decided to check out Hei Yen. I had some pho. It was good. I still like a few other places down the street better, but I will totally go back there to try other things, particularly as I heard a woman at another table raving about some dish they have that she can't find wherever she's from, so she comes back every time she's in town. I'm not sure I got the discount, but hey, new place, yay!

5 - Beatnik's
4/22/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Missy Liebs, Scott Jensen, Megan Daly, Megan Voss, etc.

Masters was back at it again with the organizing of fun events. She got us a reservation at Beatnik's, and there must have been 25 of us there. Yes, we were one of those annoying giant brunch groups. And we had nothing to celebrate except brunch together.

Masters and I split a bottle for mimosas and I had the smoked salmon toast. I tasted a few other things. The food was very good, but the portions were very small, so for the price, there are better brunch spots. But the ambiance, whoa. This place is gorgeous. So overdone to the point that it's perfection. I really, really enjoyed the space. And the company.

6 - City Winery
6/29/18 with Robin Heggum

7 - Lobo Rey
6/23/18 with Jerry Munk and Nicole Garton

Nicole, Jerry, and I headed down to the South Loop for a food truck fest and to meet Masters and the gang. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the fest was at capacity and not letting anyone else in. But... we were also pretty far into our Sunday Funday, so we really needed some food. We met the gang at Lobo Rey and had some Mexican food that was decent but the service took forever. I'd consider going back and giving it another shot as the space was really cool and Masters and Alan rave about it, but I wasn't super impressed.

8 - Beatrix
7/22/18 with Tara Edberg

Tara was in town and we were able to grab dinner. Since she was staying downtown, I did a little Yelp search for something reasonably priced by high rated near Michigan Ave... yes, those places to exist! I found Beatrix, which had more ratings for brunch but also looked good for dinner. The vibe had more of a brunch/lunch spot because there's a coffee/pastry shop in the the entry way, but the seating area was nice and trendy.

I had some wine and the cheese ravioli. It wasn't as much food as I was hoping for, but everything was really good. And it's not that the portions were unreasonable, but without any decent side options, it was a weirdly small amount in just getting one dish, and it would have been weird to get two. There were some apps, but we weren't really in the mood for those.

So overall, it was fine.

9 - Momotaro
9/1/18 with Laura Masters, Alan Lee, Missy Liebs, Scott Jansen, and Megan Daly

We hit up Momotaro for Masters' birthday. The drinks and service were excellence. The big shocker for me is that the best thing I think we had was the friend rice. The sushi, salads, and soup were good, but the fried rice was a game changer.

10 - Roanoke
11/15/18 with Laura Masters and Beth Jager

Masters made us reservations for dinner before I went off to see Miss Saigon with work buddies. They had a prix fix menu for theater goers, so we jumped on that. I had a beet salad, huge, tasty steak with potatoes, and panna cotta ice cream. Super good.

11 - Pueblo
12/6/18 with Laura Masters, Missy Liebs, Megan Morrison, and Carrie Kalita

Pueblo is tucked in a mall that is tucked into a huge building on State Street. I had no idea there was even a mall there. None of us had ever been, so we went for dinner before going to see The Play That Goes Wrong. The service was slow and the food was overpriced--though in a touristy area, so that makes sense--but everything was tasty. I likely won't go back, but I wasn't disappointed.