Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#37 - Run 150 Miles (Fail)

So thankful for the lake shore path.
New path near my parents' house in Michigan

I didn't quite make it this year. Today, December 27, I'm just over 106. I've always been a runner but in a weirdly inconsistent manner. I'll go months running multiple days a week and then months with no running at all. I've learned a few things about my habits. 1) If there's a treadmill regularly in my line of sight, I'll run. 2) I'd rather surf, play beach volleyball, hike, wakeboard, and all other kinds of California-y things. So I never felt guilty about not running there because I convinced myself I wouldn't be able to do those other super fun things once I left and I'd be able to run anywhere. I do think I missed out on some beautiful Cali runs though. 3) I'll show up to run if I know there will be cute boys working out nearby. I mean, it's true. 4) When I'm in a healthy working environment surrounded by people who strive to care for themselves, I do a better job taking care of myself too.

While I'm lacking #1, #2, and #3 from above, I'm now working in Campus Recreation at DePaul, which is housed in the Ray Meyer Recreation Center, a lovely campus recreation facility. Even better, my coworkers not only value health and, more specifically, physical activity, they are ALL regularly active. It's hard to rationalize my lack of activity when literally everyone I work with finds the time and energy. I'm so thrilled to be a member of a team that values self care.

Spaced throughout this post are pictures from runs I've been on throughout the year. Yes, I do stop and take pictures during my runs, even during races. I'll spare you the treadmill ones from the end of the year.